Meet Debbie

Who Am I?

I’m a mother of four beautiful adult children who are happy and wonderful beings. We enjoy traveling and spending time as a family whenever we get the chance. My husband and partner-in-life and I relish our time together traveling, spending time with family and friends, mountain biking, hiking, taking long walks, playing music and swimming in the Yuba River.

Why I Love Being a Doula

Hearing women’s voices used in empowering ways during childbirth inspires me. It is such an honor to hold the space for families to have a positive birth experience. Being invited into a families’ world to share in the birthing process is such a privilege and should not be taken lightly.

An emboldened birth experience will positively affect the life of our families, communities and the world.

My Education

As a former labor & delivery and postpartum nurse, I have an understanding of the hospital, doctor and staff needs. Although I do not serve in a medical capacity as a doula, I can help bridge the gap that can exist between a client and the medical world.

I have completed a bachelor of science in nursing and hold an active registered nursing license. I have had completed trainings in neonatal care, infant and adult CPR/first aid.

Ongoing education and training are important to me, so I am also in the process of completing the Dona Labor and Postpartum certification as well as the CAPPA childbirth education certification.

I am here to provide resources. However, my clients make their own informed choices and make their own voices heard. My goal is to build a relationship of open communication and trust within your care team.