Private Classes

This series was created to give you the tools needed to birth your baby your way, with a focus on providing your labor support partner the confidence needed to be a great guardian of the birth-space and a provider of calm, loving support. Contact me for more information.


Childbirth Education

A private three hour crash course teaching you all about the birth process, anatomy, comfort measures to use in labor, hospital setting interventions, and medications. We can also add an extra hour and I will guide you through creating your birth plan.


Breastfeeding Class

In this class you will learn how to position your baby for nursing, how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk, and ways to prevent common breastfeeding discomforts and challenges and more.


Newborn Care Class

This class focuses on the care of the newborn and is perfect for expectant parents and grandparents. We will cover the first few weeks, how to calm a baby, bathing, feeding, swaddling, diapering, and sleep.


Caring for the Postpartum Mother

Learning the importance of caring for the mother and helping her rebuild her strength postpartum. You will learn about good nutrition, exercise, physical recovery, support for sleep, and the need for mom to be cared for during the postpartum period.