Radhika Cosley

Debbie is the very gifted doula who helped two new parents, my son and daughter-in-law, birth their first child. This unknown, and overwhelming experience, fraught with expected and unforeseen decision making, necessitated life determining decision making skills. As a long time experienced pediatric nurse and coach, Debbie’s wisdom and friendship, her clear, thoughtful guidance and support helped them successfully navigate these challenging waters, their daughter born healthy and ready to nurse. Debbie was able to coach them over the next couple weeks, into their new life as parents, providing at home care which greatly facilitated their transformation into parents, their adjustments to sleep deprivation, and their confidence in expert newborn support abilities, she was also able to offer her energies in the way of a kind of spiritual guide, helping them to trust in their own instincts and learn how to learn from their new daughter. Debbie’s loving, grounded nature and her abundance of knowledge have been a great blessing to the beginning of this new beautiful family.